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Mom Decides to Ride In the Target Cart With Kid and Swears It’s the Best Parenting Decision Ever Made

Dad doesn’t look thrilled TBH

Those toddler carts in Target are the best, right? You can fit two kids in them, they can face front and act like they're really driving...they're contained in one place so they can't go crazy ripping everything off the shelves. Except, sometimes toddlers are a little scared to go for a ride in one of those things. Which is totally understandable. Especially if they have to ride alone. But one mom had a brilliant idea that saved her shopping trip

In this video from @studiosomer, we see a mom whose toddler was not feeling the whole ride-in-the-cart thing. So what did she do? She just climbed right in to ride on the other side. 


"This was by far my best parenting choice," she wrote. "My toddler happily rode in the cart bc I was next to him. My husband pushed us around and never lost me in the clothes section and I got to browse Target in my own personal chariot. All that was missing was a Starbucks drink which there was even a cup holder for."

Commenters were totally feeling the genius of this idea. 
"I did this 9 months pregnant"
"I rode in the cart and breastfed my son before these ones existed we got a lot of stares"
"That’s the only way we shop at Target too!!"
"my partner used to do this so I could breastfeed my baby and still have our toddler next to me lol"
"I'm definitely having my fiance do this from now on"
"still trying to get my toddler to ride in the cart, have to try this"

Whatever it takes to make that Target shopping trip happen! If you can't browse the aisles yourself with a latte, this is definitely the next best thing.