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Teacher’s “Punctuation Chant” Is Genius

This is the best idea ever.

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There are good teachers, and then there are great teachers. The kind of teachers who legitimately make learning fun, and get their students genuinely excited to learn.

This hilarious video from @jake_daggett is an example of one of those great teachers. One of those teachers who goes the distance to engage and inspire their students.  And one of those teachers who really believes in the power of punctuation.

How amazing is that?! These kids have learned everything there is to know about periods, exclamation points, and question marks...and even better, they're actually excited about it! How the teacher got these kids so totally into their lesson is a mystery, but the fact that he did it is pretty amazing. Plus, that song is so catchy they'll never forget these lessons!

Commenters were super impressed:

"What a wonderful way to teach. They'll be hearing that in their heads for the rest of their lives"
"As a fellow teacher, I can say this is GOALS"
"The student engagement is off the charts! Fabulous!"
"Why am I a full blown adult and can't stop watching this"
"From a fellow teacher - we need more of you. Your students will never forget you. Thank you for making these memories for them."
"This is the kind of excitement and engagement that is needed!! Awesome!!"

If only all teachers were this inventive and enthusiastic, kids would be learning so much and with so much enthusiasm. 

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