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Wife Shares the Extremely “Creepy” Thing His Grandmother Did With His Baby Teeth

The stuff of nightmares

Parents have all different ways of preserving their baby's teeth. Some have a special bag for them or a dedicated container, others keep them in a scrapbook of sorts, others mean to save them but the years go by and well, things get lost. Unless, that is, you somehow incorporate them into a permanent structure of sorts.

In this video from @clairebear4000, we meet a wooden beaver sculpture that a man's grandma used to save his baby teeth years ago, and it's still in fine the horror of his wife. "We’ve been married 12 years and I will never truly recover from this discovery," she wrote. 


Yikes! Or um...cute? It's really kind of hard to say. Clearly, the good intentions are there. Grandma probably thought she was having a pretty clever idea. And to be fair, if she hadn't preserved his baby teeth in that beaver, they most likely would have been lost to the ages by now.

Commenters were highly amused and sort of inspired...
"Lmfaoooo I need one of these for my kids teeth"
"I would fight for these at an estate sale"
"Omg I’m a dentist. Don’t give me ideas"
"now i feel more normal about my mom keeping mine in a ziplock."
"this is legit genius though. grandma living in 2030"
"A new family tradition I did not know I’d be implementing immediately"
"the brother's set of chompers looks like steve harvey's goofy ahh pretending to be shocked"

Family heirlooms are so special, even when they are weird wooden beavers with human teeth.