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Mom Posts Living Nightmare Looking For Keys Kids Hid in a Rock Garden

Toddlers are so fun

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Of all the objects we use in our daily lives that can really throw a wrench into your day if they get lost, keys have got to be one of the most aggravating to deal with. Think about it: When you lose your keys, whether you're at home or the grocery store or school or wherever, you're basically stuck at that place until you find your keys. Where did you put them last? Or...where did your toddler put them last? In this video from @rebecca_mae13, the mom knows exactly where her toddler put them...but considering that place is a giant rock garden at the playground, knowing that only narrows down the search a teensy bit. 


Oh, the stress! "Realizing the sun's going down and we're stuck for life at the playground." It's too painfully hilarious for any parent who's been in a similar situation. How on earth could one possibly expect to find a set of keys in all those rocks and sand? (Which tend to swallow up things like keys.) In the comments, the mom said that they did finally find the keys, thanks to "lots of sand angels." She also clarified that she didn't just "give" the keys to her toddler, "I laid my keys and my phone on the brick wall while we played next thing I know the keys are gone," she wrote. Oh boy. Been there, mama. Glad they turned up!