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Toddler Does NOT Want to “Change Her Attitude”

She's not in the mood.

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Sometimes, everybody needs a little attitude change. Especially after a long, hard day filled with's easy to feel a little grumpy. You might even be a little short with the people around you, but it's understandable, right?

That's kind of how the adorable toddler is feeling in this hilarious video from @apaugh. Her mom thinks an "attitude change" is in order, and being that she's mom, she's probably right. But this little girl does not want to hear anything about it.

"I not change my attitude an-y-more! I'm not a sassy girl, I'm a bad girl." Surely we've all felt that way at some point or another, right?  

"Anyone else get a hangry monster princess after a full day of travel and no naps? Same girl, same," wrote the mom. Knowing that the toddler was hangry on top of everything else really explains her frustrated behavior!

Commenters were both amused by this tantrum and impressed with the mom for the way she handled it. 

"She said what she said"
"Speak your truth, queen"
"Let her live her super villain dreams! She needs a cape! And a talking animal!"
"I would just like to point out the two mom wins of not laughing and also remembering to affirm that she's good this is hysterical"
"from experience, throw snacks and back away, she'll be alright in like...15"

So true. A tired, hungry toddler needs snacks and a nap before you can expect anything resembling an attitude change, and that's just how that goes.

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