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Adorable Toddler Can’t Bring Himself to Say “One Bad Word”

"No spankin' butts?"

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Sometimes toddlers don't listen well at all. You can tell them the same thing over and over and it's like you never even said it once. Other times, though, toddlers can listen surprisingly well. To the point where they follow the rules so closely, they're hesitant to break them even when you say it's okay. 

That's what's going on in this video from @lindybird. An adorable toddler's dad is telling him to say one bad word.  Any bad word. He makes it very clear that there will be no repercussions, even though the toddler feels the need to check on that a few times ("No time out? No trouble? No spankin' butts??"). You can't blame him; he must be wondering if this is some kind of trick. Why is he getting this special dispensation? He just wants to make sure.

"Did I say it?!" He's not even sure if he did it right. Wonder why he chose that as his bad word, though it's probably just the one he hears the most (parents certainly have occasion to say it frequently). The way he has to get himself all revved up to say it, jumping up and down and shouting "here we go!" shows that this is a kid who takes rule-abiding very seriously (lucky parents). 

Commenters thought this little boy's personal battle of good vs. evil was hilarious:

"Little man said 'let's discuss the fine print'"
"That boy made you sign a contract before saying it...and you didn't specify to say it only once"
"I love 'no trouble in my heart' absolutely adorable"
"This child has a conscience. He knows the difference between right and wrong."
"'DID I SAY IT?!' Little homie blacked out there for a second"
"Maybe my toys will help me"

That part where he thought maybe he needed a toy for moral support was pretty amazing. Someday this little boy will be a teenager, and hopefully someone will show him this video. Though I wouldn't be surprised if this kid never does start saying bad words on the regular!

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