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Mom Gifts Toddler a Banana For Christmas and His Reaction Was Too Precious

What a little sweetheart!

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If you're a parent who happens to celebrate Christmas, there's a good chance you've spent the last month or two picking out the perfect gifts for your kids to open on Christmas morning. With little ones, it can be a bit more of a challenge — when they're young, it's not like they can make a list or write a letter to Santa. It's not always easy to shop for a toddler!

But if you've been feeling like the pressure is really on to find the perfect item for your tot to unwrap this year, hopefully, this video on TikTok will help you chill out a bit. She gifted him a banana for the holiday, and his reaction to unwrapping it is too perfect. 

On Christmas morning, he got to open a banana, which seems like a pretty sad present to most of us... but for him, it was the total opposite! Since his mom did mention that bananas are his "favorite thing," maybe we should have been less surprised at his absolute joy to open that box and find the banana in there waiting for him.

Not only did he have to show everyone in the room what he got, but that smile on his face was totally priceless. He's so pleased! 

Most toddlers would love to open a gift and find their favorite snack inside... and honestly, a lot of them would prefer to have the box a gift came in than the box itself.

Next time you're stressing about making Christmas magical for your kids, remember this banana-loving boy and try to relax. Your toddler is going to have a great time! 

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