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Toddler Can’t Understand Why Cat Won’t Play

"Where'd he go?"

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Ah, toddlers and cats, cats and toddlers. Two things that don't necessarily go together, no matter how much one of the parties would like to forge a friendship. Can you guess which one of these creatures is hesitant to let the other one grab its tail, chew on its ear, or poke it in the eye?

As is the case in this hilarious video from @joanacarval, it's usually the cat who's a little hesitant about playing with the toddler. With good reason, of course. Toddlers aren't exactly known for being gentle, and cats aren't exactly known for being tolerant. This toddler can't quite understand why the cat doesn't want to be his friend, though. 

"Where cat?" "Where'd he go?" These are valid questions, especially when you're trying to figure out where that cool animal with the long tail and the soft fur just disappeared to. But that cat is no fool. It's had just about enough of those prying little fingers. "He's a stomper when he walks too and doesn't understand why that scares the 1/2 pound kitten," the mom wrote in the comments.

Other commenters found the whole thing pretty hilarious, and couldn't get over how adorable this little boy was as he asked after his pet. They were also impressed with how clearly he spoke, for being just a little guy. 

It's unfortunate that kittens can't be a little bit more, er, tough, or something, because otherwise it seems like they'd make perfect playmates for toddlers. 

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