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Toddler Girl Catches Chicken and Hilariously Doesn’t Know What to Do Next

The chicken looks confused

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Sometimes toddlers get big ideas, but they don't necessarily think them through. Like, they think about climbing up the bookshelves, but not about what they'll do when they get to the top. Or they think about taking everything out of their toy box but not about the part where everything has to go back inside.

The toddler in this video from @jessicarandall3 had one big idea: To catch a chicken. This isn't as outlandish as it might seem, since her family keeps chickens in the backyard. Still, to catch a chicken is no easy task for a toddler. And once the chicken is caught...well, then what? What exactly are you supposed to do with the chicken?

Awwww, the way she cried! Like, "somebody help, I'm holding this chicken and now I don't know what to do with it!" The chicken, for her part, looked like she would have welcomed some intervention at that point too. Maybe she was thinking she could carry the chicken around and didn't realize how big and wiggly they are? Who knows what was going through her head. All we know is that it wasn't going well.

Commenters totally felt what this girl was going through, and basically thought it was hilarious. One comment basically summed the whole thing up: "Holding the chicken and crying as if it wasn't her decision to pick it up...toddlers." And yup, that pretty much does say it all. 

Hopefully the next time this toddler picks up a chicken, she'll have a plan!

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