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Toddler with Down Syndrome Is Adorably Persistent In Signing for a Snack

It's the nuggets!

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Sometimes it's so hard for toddlers to communicate their wants and needs to us. It can be incredibly frustrating for little ones, not to mention their parents. This is especially true for kids who are having trouble learning to talk. But some parents are finding brilliant ways to work around these issues.

In this video from @ourextrasweetgwen, a sweet toddler girl with Down's Syndrome is trying to tell her mom what she wants for a snack. The awesome part is that her mom has an entire wall of little cards with pictures on them of different objects and foods and activities to help her little one tell her what she wants. What a genius idea!

Of course it would be practically the last card on the wall! The poor little thing must have been getting exasperated. But she was not giving up! And then, the joy on her face when she was actually eating the nuggets! "Sometimes it's a process figuring out what she's asking for," wrote the mom. "This time she wanted something VERY specific." And she got it!

Commenters were so proud of this little girl, and her mom, too, for sticking it out and having a moment of successful communication.

"This is why non verbal ISN'T NON THINKING!" wrote one person. "This is amazing, well done mama!"

So true: Non-verbal isn't non-thinking. Little ones who can't talk still have so much to communicate to us, and we have to find a way to listen. 

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