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Cute Toddler Gets Friendly with Mannequins at Store

Hey, guys!

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Some toddlers are super friendly. They just love greeting anybody...people, animals, inanimate objects. Doesn't matter if they get a "hello" in return or even a nod of acknowledgement. These little ones are just so happy to see new faces, whatever kind they are, they're just too excited to contain themselves. 

A perfect example would be the adorable little girl in this video from @briethepilotswife. "Bringing my extroverted toddler out in public," she sets up the video, which involves her toddler riding in her stroller through a store, saying "hi" to everybody she sees. The only problem? None of the people she sees are actually "people," per se.

So adorable. It doesn't matter to her that she's not getting any greetings in return, or that the people she's talking to don't exactly have...faces. She just wants to wave and say hello, and mannequins are totally useful when you're learning to say hello to people. And things. That look like people. "I don't have the heart to tell her," wrote the mom.

Some commenters said they couldn't help but feel angry at the mannequins for snubbing the little girl, which is hilarious. "She didn't leave a single one out. We love a compassionate queen," wrote one commenter. Although one commenter did make a good point: "I'd be concerned if the mannequins waved back."

At least this little girl doesn't have any trouble being friendly! She'll be ready when the people start waving back, that's for sure. 

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