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Toddler Makes Friends With Random Family at Restaurant

He's a friendly dude.

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Toddlers are so funny. Well, they're just little people, essentially, and there are all different kinds of people, so why wouldn't there be lots of kinds of toddlers? Some are brave, some are cautious, some are friendly, some are just never know what kind of behavior you're going to get out of a toddler. 

Take the toddler in this video from @basicbrii. He's one of those kids who's super friendly making friends with just about anybody. Another family at a restaurant, say. 

"Teach 'stranger danger' to my social butterfly," wrote the mom. "Thank you to this family for being kind and having fun with him."

It's got to be a double-edged sword having a toddler like that. On the one hand, it's great to have a friendly kid who doesn't get super shy in social situations. On the other hand,  as the mom wrote, how are you supposed to get the concept of "stranger danger" across to a little kid who thinks every stranger is a potential new friend?

Commenters thought this little guy was hilarious...

"He's looking at you like 'who are you?'"
"My little brother used to be like this! He's 4 now and will literally have a conversation with anyone"
"Lol my daughter did that at her music class and sat on the woman's lap the whole time"
"There's no way that man isn't a grandpa, he didn't even hesitate to pick that baby up"
"My son did this the other night while we were waiting for a table"

You've just got to take the good with the bad, when it comes to personality; stranger danger might be a challenge with this one, but they'll make friends easily!

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