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Grandparents Cannot Figure Out What Granddaughter Wants and the Entire Internet Is Trying to Help

Mac and cheese? Gucci please?

When kids are learning to talk, it's like they each have their own little languages that only their immediate family knows how to speak. Bawbaby? Strawberry. Poon? Spoon. Deedaw? Dog. And so it goes. It's all well and good until somebody else has to understand what your child is saying, like a teacher or a grandparent. Then things can get a little tricky. 

That's what's going on in this video from @nickertwinsmama. A toddler girl is trying to tell her grandparents what she wants to eat, but they're not entirely sure what she's saying. Well, she's clearly saying "masheegoshees," but what does that mean?


Her little face is so adorable! And she's being so patient with her grandparents. Very polite. What could she possibly be asking for?
"When your parents send you this video because they can’t figure out what the hell your kid wants to eat Any guesses?" her mom wrote. 

Her grandparents might have been stumped, but the internet had plenty of guesses.
"She clearly wants matching Gucci! A purse and a scarf is what I recommend!"
"magical shoes.. obviously"
"Macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes"
"Grilled cheese?"
"Mushy goat cheese is what I hear!!"
"when my girl was 2-ish she called Target "Circle Walmart" and it has forever been known as Circle Walmart in my household"
"mice and goat cheese...obviously"
"you get that baby matcha ghost cheese right now!"

I would have believed any of these, but the creator of the video answered the question: Macaroni and cheese (which did get a lot of votes, to be fair). Let's hope she finally got what she wanted!