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Toddler's 'Savage' Response To Mom Asking For a Kiss Has Mothers Everywhere Cracking Up

Kids have no filter.

There is nothing worse you can say to a parent in the trenches of raising infants and toddlers than telling them to "cherish every moment" Yes, your seasoned parenting advice is warranted, because we all know how fast it goes. But to those who are in the thick of the sleepless nights and endless attitudes, "cherishing it" while also acknowledging the hardships of it all is possible. 

That being said, even in the hard moments, there is a lot of love and laughter too. One thing we think is universally true, is a parent can really never get enough hugs and kisses at any age. Of course, in peak toddler fashion, at that age they are starting not to oblige and some of them can just be downright ruthless about it.

Mom Jordan Elders caught the hilarious moment her little "bestie" just brutally rebuffed all affection, appropriately captioning the video "what life with a toddler is like."


Ah motherhood, so glamorous right?

The hysterical little cutie not only repeatedly tells her mom "no" when she asks for a kiss, she fakes her out and pretends to give one before immediately recoiling. 

It gets even funnier when she starts demanding her mother cry because she refused to kiss her. No only does she deny affection, she demands worship and suffering. 

Mom, out of curiosity, is homegirl a Leo? No reason in particular...

User @Abby Gant said it best in the comments: "Toddlers wake up and choose violence."

Of course, for anyone worried abut this situation, mom clarified that she is genuinely the sweetest baby, and this boundary setting came after she showered her mommy in hugs and kisses.

We will always stan a boundary-setting queen!