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Video Captures Moment Toddler Realizes They’re No Longer the Baby and It’s Heartbreakingly Hilarious

Awwww, don’t worry little one, mama still loves you.

Adding a baby to the family is always an exciting time — but it's a challenging time, too. As exciting as it can be to bring a new little life (and so much love!) into your home, the existing kids are always gonna feel some type of way about it... including the youngest, who now has to adjust to a totally new place in their family.

Of course, everyone settles in to their new roles in the fam eventually, but that doesn't mean it's not rough getting there! And in one TikTok video, we can see a toddler figuring out she's no longer the baby of the family in real time. 


In the video, the new baby is laying on the floor while everyone is watching him and fussing over him. Then, the camera pans to the former baby of the family — a toddler — who's playing by herself, seems to be getting no attention, and even holds what looks like a bubble gun to her head. Poor baby girl. Don't do anything drastic! 

As much as we have to chuckle at this, we do really feel for her. She's really been thrown for a loop here!

"Good thing my mom can't have another baby," one person who might have related a little too much to this video commented on the post. 

She'll always be her mama's baby — that we know for sure. And in time, she'll grow into that big sister role!