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Toddler Has Trick Up His Sleeve When His MawMaw Tries to Take Away His Pacifier

Stay ready.

Not all babies take to pacifiers, but a lot of the ones who do end up growing very attached. Unfortunately, it's not exactly practical to let them hold onto pacifiers forever for a lot of reasons, especially considering the damage that can be done to their teeth. And when the time comes to take it away, it can be a really stressful process! 

But if you're in the thick of that process right now, just know that you're not alone — and be prepared for your child to pull a trick like this little dude did on TikTok. When his MawMaw wanted to take his pacifier away, he absolutely wasn't having it! 


In the beginning of the video, we see his grandma take the pacifier out of his hand, but he quickly revealed that he was able to outsmart her... because in his other hand, he had two more ready and waiting! Uh, we're pretty sure this kid might be a genius with slick moves like that hiding up his sleeve!

Of course, MawMaw had to laugh, because how could she not? He's so funny, and this was actually pretty smart. 

So many people thoroughly enjoyed this video and left comments, including fellow parents who have been through this stage before.

“Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready," one person wrote.

Another added, "When I tell you that cracked me up because my son did this to me." 

These little ones are going to stay ready, so parents, you stay ready too. Don't let the toddlers win!