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Mom’s Parody of Underestimating Toddlers Has Us Feeling Seen

They always find a way...

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If you learn anything quick while parenting a toddler, it's that you can never predict what they're going to do next. Even if you think you know them, they will always surprise you — and just when you let your guard down, they go and do something absolutely out of character to humble you a bit.

That might be why this video on TikTok is going viral. A mom is sharing a parody of her life with her 3-year-old to explain why you can never underestimate a toddler, and it's honestly spot on. We have lived through this exact moment before!


In the video, the mom plays both her toddler and herself, and the toddler wants candy open even though Mom says she has to eat lunch first. Mom's convinced she can't get into the candy without help and leaves the room to make lunch, and... well, you probably know where this is heading.

In the comments, Mom explained that her son, Seth, was "quiet for awhile" and she didn't know why, which inspired her to make this video. Girl, you're not alone in this! 

Fortunately, she also mentioned that she doesn't let this aspect of parenting get to her too much. "Honestly it’s fine with me because it’s really once in a while he does something like this," she wrote in a comment.

That's a great attitude to have, because if toddlers are good at anything, it's keeping us on our toes.