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Adorable Toddler Quads Find Elf Hysterically Splayed on the Window

They can't wait to show Mom.

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Doing the whole Elf on the Shelf thing can be a huge pain, but it's something you do to make your kids happy and see their reactions every morning when the Elf has magically changed locations. (Also, maybe it will encourage them to behave.) And if you have quadruplets, you get four times the adorable reactions when you change things up for your Elf...unless you had an Elf for every kid, which just sounds like a nightmare.

In this ridiculously cute video from @helloquadruplets, we get to see a "line of toddlers" rounding up their mom to show her "something funny on the window." Something funny on the window! What a hilarious way to describe an Elf splayed against the glass.

It's so funny that they all said it that way, too..."something funny on the window." "Now I gotta remember," wrote the mom and, indeed, now she's sucked into the Elf thing for the remainder of the season. The payoff of four little ones getting a huge kick out of your efforts has got to be somewhat inspiring, at least. 

Commenters couldn't get over how cute these kids are, or what an amazing mama they have (four toddlers at once is no joke). People also couldn't get over how darling their little voices are, in specific. Especially because they're all saying the same thing: "There's something funny on the window!"

Good luck with the Elf this season, Mom!

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