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Dad Fumbling to Explain Why Toddler Daughter Doesn’t Have Boobies Yet Is Priceless

Poor dad probably wasn’t thinking he’d have to have this convo today...

There's no way around it — parenting comes with a lot of awkward moments, especially while your kids are still little. Sometimes, they're doing and saying embarrassing things in public, and sometimes, they're simply asking questions that you don't have an answer prepared for. It is what it is! 

But when it comes to anatomy and the birds and the bees, many parents of toddlers assume they have years ahead of them before they have to start worrying about giving "the talk"... but one dad on TikTok learned the hard way that's not necessarily true. He filmed the moment his toddler asked him why she doesn't have "boobies," and the look on his face is how we all look when our kid comes out with something totally off the cuff like that.

Poor Dad!


Fortunately, Dad didn't do too badly with his answer, even though he was obviously caught off guard by the question! 

"They're just not there yet," he said. "You're not old enough, but they'll be there eventually." 

And when she asked to make sure they're going to grow, Dad quickly reassured her that she had nothing to worry about. But then, when she admitted she wished she had "boobies like Grammy's," he lost it — and understandably so, because we're right here laughing along with him. 

We've gotta give him credit for handling this as well as he did, even if he couldn't hold back his laughter at that comment about Grammy.

And really, this video is proof that he and his daughter have an open enough relationship that she felt comfortable asking him this question. Good job, Dad!