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Toddler Drives a Hard Bargain at Her Rock “Store”

This kid is no pushover.

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If you're wondering whether your toddler is the type of person to grow up into a pushover or a tough customer, here's an idea: Play a game of pretend store with them where they're the seller and you're the customer. 

You'll find out in no time if your kid is the type to give you a freebie or stick to an unfair no returns policy in no time, and surely this will tell you a lot about their personality. Take this adorable video from @charliegeter. An adorable little girl is selling rocks to her daddy, but some problems arise. How the toddler handles this tells us she is definitely not of the pushover variety.

So hilarious! "No money, no rock. Get outta here, this is my shop!" Everybody has run into this kind of store owner in real life, right? And they do not make exceptions for anybody. No money, no rock, no exceptions. 

Commenters got a huge kick out of this little girl. 

"I sense a pyramid scheme"
"she'll be running a crypto exchange in no time"
"Top tier business model"
"You heard her, no rocks no money, no money no rocks"
"I would like to speak to her manager"
"don't be fooled by the rocks that she got"
"i'm her attorney, and you heard her, no rocks!"
"you got scammed"
"no refund sir thank you now go away please next customer please"

This kid has more rocks to sell, or pretend to sell, anyway. She doesn't have time for dad whining about getting ripped off. Get with the program, dad! You win some, you lose some...and this one, you lost.

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