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Toddler Playing With His Sister’s Toys Freaks When He Hears Her Coming

Oh no, here she comes!

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Having a sibling is great, but there are naturally issues that arise when you've got more than one kid to deal with. One of the challenges? Teaching siblings to share with each other. Some kids are great about it, but others are super possessive of their toys. As in, their brother or sister is not allowed to touch, look at, or play with their stuff.

Clearly the toddler in this video from @cristalallure has an older sister somewhere who does not like anybody messing with her play kitchen. Which is why her little brother did some serious scrambling when he heard her coming while he was having fun with pretend cups and plates. Yikes! Make it look like nothing got touched!

It's so hilarious when he gets startled. Who among us hasn't been in that situation? Everybody knows that horrible feeling of "getting caught," and everybody understands why this little boy wants to avoid it. "At least we know his cochlears are working," wrote his mom, referring to his cochlear implants.

Commenters thought his little frantic moves were so adorable...
"He was just trying to prepare a meal for her"
"lol the little scramble"
"He's like I was never here!"
"she would have been so mad if she saw him"

When you're a parent, the dream is that your kids will play at the pretend kitchen side-by-side, no squabbling. But that sad truth is, sometimes that's just a dream. Of course, all brothers and sisters have better days than others. Still, some kids never do want to share their play kitchen.

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