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Toddler Steals Mommy’s Chocolate and She's Not One Bit Sorry

Like, not one bit.

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If there's one thing toddlers aren't particularly good at, it's being sneaky. Oh, they try...they definitely try to be sneaky. But how sneaky can someone be when they think closing their eyes makes them invisible? They don't make great thieves, that's for sure.

Take, for example, the adorable toddler in this video from @mikaylamatthews. She couldn't be more guilty. The chocolatey evidence is quite literally all over her face. But her first instinct when questioned about the theft was still to deny that anything happened. In the cutest way ever.

FInally, she had to admit the truth. And that little smile when she said "Chocolate!" That's what chocolate is all about, sweetheart. Who would want to rob this little sweetie of the amazing culinary discovery she just made? Chocolate is supposed to make you feel exactly like this. Even if Mom probably really wishes you weren't wearing that beige sweater.

Commenters were totally willing to "believe" she was innocent, if it meant they could watch that little cutie with chocolate all over her face. Some even suggested giving her more. (Adorable as it is when she does that little dance, more chocolate would probably result in a dance that was a little too hyper, followed by a crash and a very cranky toddler.)

Seriously though, it's such a special moment when a little one experiences something as life-changing and amazing as chocolate for the first time. (Or at least one of the first times.) As much as we all appreciate chocolate in our adulthoods, it's hard to recreate the magic of what this little girl is feeling. You're only young once, as they say.

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