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Toddler Covers Herself In Mysterious Brown ‘Goo’ and Mom Has the Best Reaction

That will teach mom to turn her back for five seconds...

Toddlers are notorious for causing chaos. The amount of damage they can do when left alone fore mere moments is frankly impressive. There are three areas in particular toddlers tend to get in the most trouble: Their parent’s bedroom, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Each room has the potential for harboring the ingredients for the biggest messes.

One mom on TikTok learned this the hard way. When she discovered her daughter was left to her own devices, all she could do is grab her phone and laugh/cry,


When her little girl appeared in the kitchen, she tried to deflect mom’s calm questioning of what exactly was all over her body. When mom realizes she isn’t getting an answer, she inches a bit closer and learns that her girl has in fact rubbed bronzing lotion all over her body and half of her face. You can hear the stages of grief in her voice as she realizes what she now has to deal with. 

People were absolutely gobsmacked at the mess this poor mama had to clean up.

“…I need to see the results of this amazing tan,” one follower begged.

Luckily the mom said it was JUST a make bronzer, so with a lot of makeup remover and a bath they were able to get it all away.

Hopefully both mom and daughter learned a valuable lesson from this.