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Little Girl Both Loves and Is Terrified of “Thriller”

"It's Michael!"

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When you're a little kid, the world is sometimes a scary place. But sometimes...only sometimes...little ones kind of like being scared. They like the feeling of a shiver going down their spine, kind of, but only a little bit...not enough to be really terrified of anything. The only problem is, it can be hard to strike that balance.

In this video from @the.sperry.siblings, we see a little one hopping up and down in her striped red and green pajamas as she puts a show on the TV. Is she going to watch a holiday special? Kinda. But it's not the holiday you're thinking of. No, this little girl wants to watch Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Sort of.

That look on her face is so adorable! She clearly loves "Thriller," and yet she's totally afraid of it at the same time. True to its name, it's a "thrill" for her to watch. Maybe she can't get enough of that infectious beat. Maybe it's the dance she loves. Maybe she's eerily fascinated by the creepy zombie makeup. Whatever the case, she just might be more of a Halloween girl than a Christmas girl. Or she's at least an equal opportunity holiday-lover. "She always picks this song then gets scared," wrote her mom.

Commenters could not get over the way she said "It's Michael!" as if she'd been a fan for her entire life or actually knew him personally. But that's just the power of pop culture! Hopefully at some point she'll feel brave enough to actually watch the whole thing.

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