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Toddler Remembers Uncle’s Funny Joke From When She Was Just a Baby

Talk about a sponge.

While it may seem like kids aren't paying attention to us (and a lot of the time, they aren't), some of them soak up every single word we say like a sponge — especially when we're talking about babies. And speaking of babies... they might just remember more of what we tell them when they're tiny than we might think.

Need an example? One toddler on TikTok remembered a joke her uncle taught her when she was still a baby to the point of being able to recite it herself today. This is so impressive! 


In the first part of the video, we see a baby giggling at her uncle as he imitates Lady Gaga, singing some of the lyrics from her song "Donatella." In the next video, we see the baby as a toddler, reciting those same lyrics years later. It's official: The babies really are listening to everything we say and watching everything we do! 

Plenty of people cheered on this uncle and niece duo in the comments. Some were glad he was passing on the gospel of Gaga to the next generation, while others thought the video was very telling of this little girl's personality. 

"That laugh. That was a little menacing and foreshadowing what her personality will be," one user wrote.

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This little lady certainly has an excellent memory already. This is an important lesson for those of us who may not be watching what we say around our own kids — we may hear our words repeated back to us much later!

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