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‘Offended’ Toddler Has Funniest and Sweetest Reaction When Mom Calls Worm Disgusting

She was not here for the worm-shaming.

Sometimes toddlers can fit larger-than-life personalities inside their tiny toddler shells, and the combination of the two will forever be endearing. There is something about small kids having big attitudes that just sends adults rolling with laughter, and thanks to social media, we get to enjoy the delightful personalities of kids we would have never had the chance to meet. It can be truly rewarding watching these little ones grow up virtually, and we love that these little ones can spread so much positivity so far around. 

That’s exactly how the entire internet feels about Lily, a blonde haired big-eyed beauty of a toddler who has the sweetest, most loving disposition. This little lady is known for her kind and bold personality, so much so her own mom has made it a “mission” to find something her sweet daughter doesn’t find the good in. Her latest attempt was trying to convince her girl that a worm was “disgusting” and Lily’s reaction was actually everything. 


When Lily’s mom Brittany calls the worm disgusting, Lily immediately disagrees with a sweetly defiant “no.” She then informs her mama that the worm is “just a baby.” and that she loves it. She even tells her mom that the worm is hugging her and that it in fact loves her back. 

I mean if you weren’t in a puddle over the cuteness before you have to be now.

Their followers certainly were swooning over this little one’s sweetness.

“I love her empathy. She is such a gem,” complimented one follower. 

“I love that she is the type of kid that has love for absolutely anything that comes her way,” stated another.

This isn’t Lily’s first rodeo when it comes to making the internet fall in love with her. She has had multiple viral moments and with good reason. She has been nothing but kind and sweet, and a genuine joy to watch grow up online. Here’s to many more adorable reactions.