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Man Trying to Figure Out How to Hold Newborn Nephew Is Too Funny

His hands are all over the place.

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A lot of people are uncomfortable around newborns — including the new parents themselves — and it's easy to see why. If you haven't spent a lot of time around infants, it can be super nerve-wracking even just to hold them. When they're that tiny, it seems like they might break... or even worse, that you might accidentally drop them. 

And since more experienced parents know that babies aren't quite as fragile as some might think, it can be so funny to see the way that people try to figure out exactly how to hold them. For example: The nervous uncle in this TikTok video who's really trying to get it right when he holds his nephew for the first time. 

A girlfriend shared footage of her boyfriend preparing to hold his nephew, and before the child was even in his arms, this poor man was struggling to figure out what to do with his hands. And even once the baby was finally handed over, it didn't look natural... even though the joy on his face to be holding his nephew,  however nervous he might have been, was apparent immediately.

We have to laugh, but just because almost everyone has been there before themselves. Nobody wants to hold a newborn the wrong way — it's just a sign he cares!

He definitely isn't alone in feeling this way, because plenty of people took to the comments to share how much they could relate.

"It’s scary to hold them! It’s a century of potential locked in a wiggly, lopsided sack that I could easily either drop or hold too tight," one person wrote.

Truly, we couldn't have described that feeling better ourselves.

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