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Mom Makes Hysterical “Last Video” All Parents Can Relate To

Are they plotting her demise?

Sometimes, your kids can be scary because they're just plain being scary. Like when they act like completely out-of-control primitives and you just have no idea what they're going to do next but something's probably going to get broken. That's scary. But there's another way kids can scare parents, and that's by acting too suspiciously perfect. As @ontheedge123 explains in her video, that's the kind of scary her kids are being right now. "I don't have a lot of time, this might be my last video," she begins before launching into a description of her kids' amazing behavior all day: They willingly played outside away from screens, one of them bought ice cream for everybody, they asked to watch a movie with Sandra Bullock, because they think she looks like does seem like they're buttering her up for some major request or something.


What an awesome day! And who knows, maybe these kids were just in the mood to be good kids and give their mom a break for a day. Misbehaving must get boring after awhile, right? It's just too hilarious that the mom's first reaction is to be suspicious. Especially when they asked for the Sandra Bullock movie...that was just too much. Commenters were concerned:
"Oh my gosh it’s like when they take a dog out to do all his favorite things before they put them down! Run!!"
"We’re gonna need proof of life tomorrow."
"They know, they can feel the season begin to change. Christmas is coming."
"Oh yea. Today’s your last day. I’m happy that it’s been such a lovely one for you." "They did something. real bad."
"I'd be asking what they broke or if I should expect a visit from the cops."
Hopefully this mom is still doing okay and nothing awful has happened. At least it was a great day!