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Mom Takes a Hysterical Walk to Escape MIL’s Rather Odd Gaslighting

What a weird hill to die on...

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The relationship people have with their in-laws is often a complicated one, and this only becomes more true around the holiday season. Spending time with family can be a true gift, but in some cases, it can be really stressful, too. There's a reason that mothers-in-laws in general get such a bad rap, after all! 

If this is sounding familiar to you, you're probably going to relate to this TikTok video. After dealing with gaslighting from her MIL (over her child's ball pit, of all things) on Christmas Eve, she had to take a walk to get away from it all, and after hearing her story, we just have to laugh. 

According to this woman's story, after noticing her grandchild had a little ball pit in his play area, MIL played dumb, acting like she didn't know why a child would have fun with a toy like that. She even took it a step further, acting like she never took her kids to a ball pit when they were younger. Of course, she was easily proven wrong later when this mom asked her husband about it and he confirmed that all of the birthday parties he went to as a kid were at Chuck E. Cheese, which famously had ball pits. 

It didn't stop there, though — MIL proceeded to act like her DIL was incapable of cooking the roast beef that she cooks every holiday. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), plenty of commenters could relate.

"Oh my god I can’t believe this is how I find out my husband has another family! Because we have to have the same MIL," one person joked. 

We love that she's keeping her sense of humor about this frustrating situation... and hopefully now that so many people have responded to her video, she knows she's not alone in this. 

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