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Wives Trick Husbands and Babies Into Wearing the Same Outfit and Their Reaction Is Priceless

Got ’em mamas!

For a lot of heteronormative couples, there is a dynamic trope that tends to be true: Wives dress their husbands. While our many are absolutely capable of doing it themselves, the truth is when we have to arrive someone fairly nice a lot of our well-meaning partners come up a bit short in the fashion department. So we, being the take-on-the-entire-mental-load warriors we are will just pick them up a shirt and call it a day. 

A group of wives and moms recently “got back” at their husbands for said mental load by dressing them and their kids up in the same outfit. 


After what they say took many months of planning, each mom bought their husbands and kids matching shirts. They then made it so that each couple would arrive at a restaurant at different times so they could capture each dad’s entrance, and it was so worth it. The look of joy and humiliation stretched across each of their faces as the moms cackled harder with each addition.

Commentators were overjoyed at the harmless prank, noting just how sweet a lot of the dads are with their babies and saying how cool it was that the kids get to grow up together. 

Way to go moms! We can’t wait to see if the dads get you back!