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FedEx Driver Spots Toddler Escaping Garage

He may have saved a life that day.

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This time of year, delivery people have quite a lot on their plate, and they don't get nearly enough credit. Nonstop dropoffs, endless boxes to carry, toddlers to save...toddlers to save? 

In this video from @viviannicole, we see a totally miraculous occurrence. By some stroke of luck, a FedEx driver manages to catch a two-year-old who escaped through the garage during a delivery. And boy, are his parents grateful!

Can you imagine? It's so easy to see how this happened. The parents just got in from being out, the delivery guy came at the same time, everything was chaotic...and he just slipped out. 

"Not something we're proud of but definitely a learning experience tonight! We had just gotten home for the night and left our garage door open. We thought he had gone to his playroom but our kid had actually decided to wander back out the door while we started dinner, without us realizing, and greeted our FedEx man on the driveway," the parents wrote. They went on to explain that the delivery man went to the front door right away to tell them about the little runaway. 

"I would just like to say THANK YOU to this man!" wrote the mom. "I don't know him personally but I'm so grateful for his kindness. Happy holidays everyone." 

This is a super happy holiday tale, that's for sure. What an amazing ending! And what a hero that FedEx guy truly is. The world needs more people like him. Here's hoping Santa leaves him something extra special under the tree this year!!

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