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Bride Dancing With Her Two Gay Dads At Her Wedding Is the Sweetest Thing on the Internet

How could anyone look at this and seeing anything but love?

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Love is love, and the best weddings are a testimony to that fact. Ideally, a ceremony will include all the kinds of love in the married couple's lives, and show how it's contributed to their union...through speeches, toasts, and special dances, like the one in this video from @sarahahern629. It's the traditional first dance between a bride and her dad, except this one is extra special because the bride has two dads and they're all dancing her childhood lulllaby.


It's just too sweet. You can literally feel the love coming through your computer screen when you watch that video. All three of them look at each other with so much love, it's overwhelming. You just know that this bride has had the unwavering support of her dads no matter what, and that now they're just going to be one big happy family. Commenters were mostly moved to tears ("SOBBING"), with many of them pointing out how lucky the bride is to have not just the love of one dad, but two. "I’ve never in my life been loved by a parent like this. This is the sweetest. You are blessed," wrote one person. She is blessed, indeed.