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Mom Shares Video of Gay Daughter Shoveling a Single Mom’s Walkway with Important Message

We pity the folks that don’t see her as the angel she is.

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Teens get a bad rap when it comes to behavior. They're painted as selfish, irresponsible, flaky, lazy...obsessed with screens and unaware of anything with any real importance. But that's of course not a very accurate generalization, especially in this day and age, when the next generation is getting such an awesome reputation for being socially active and thoughtful.

A perfect example of one of these thoughtful youngsters is this video from @badfornature. Her 15-year-old daughter is out shoveling the walk, which is already pretty nice, when you consider the whole teenager image, but then she goes ahead and starts shoveling the neighbor's walk, who happens to be a single mom. So why is her mom teary-eyed? Because it just breaks her heart that there are some people out there who thinks her child is going to hell just because she's gay.

As the parent of a gay child, it would be so infuriating to know that there are people who think absolutely horrible things about them just on the basis on their sexual orientation. It's just enough to make you want to break things, and you can certainly understand why this mom would be brought to tears. 

Commenters just thought this kid is totally awesome, and that her mom is doing an amazing job as a parent. As one commenter put it, "You raised her right and it shows in her good deeds. The ones saying those horrible things are the ones going to hell."

Exactly! A kid who just starts shoveling somebody else's snowy walk when they don't even have to is a kid with a parent who's doing something right. 

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