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Build-a-Bear Worker Shares the Weirdest Things She’s Heard Parents Say While at the Store About Gender

Parents seem to make it more complicated than it is...

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When your job is one that requires you to work with the public, say, working in a retail store, you find yourself exposed to all sorts of ideas and people. Unfortunately, not all of them are fabulous (the people or the ideas). All you can do as an official employee of an establishment is smile and nod, but there's nothing stopping you from making a TikTok about the weird things you hear.

That's what this hilarious video from @grizzlyacorn is all about. They're talking about some of the more ridiculous gender-related things they've heard parents say while working at Build-a-Bear, and if you thought a store that sold stuffable plushies couldn't possibly be a gender minefield, you were wrong. 

Sheesh! What is UP with parents?! Can't a kid have the stuffed animal that makes them smile? The best is when the creator is like, "Never met a parent upset that their child was happy...okay." Seriously. If a bunch of stuffed animals makes your kid truly happy, then you are an exceptionally lucky parent and you should most definitely run with that. 

You might expect that the bulk of the comments on this video would be from parents talking about gender issues but most of them are actually from other retail workers (even Build-a-Bear workers) who had similar experiences...and there are a disappointingly large number of people who've had similar experiences:

"I work at a bakery and the amount of times people come in to order cakes and go 'He can't have that color, it needs to be something manly' is insane"
"I work there now, a kid came in to get his raccoon clothes, his mom fr said 'no sweetie, that's for girls' IT WAS A JEAN JACKET"
"today a parent got upset at a wee boy for wanting to dress his bear in a tutu and rainbow top like damn i made sure to tell him his bear looks gorgeous and it put a big smile on his face"

Why are parents so invested in the gender identity of their child's toys? It makes you really worry about how these kids would ever feel about opening up if any real gender-related issues came up in life. 

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