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Mom and Kid Accidentally Make This Gender Fluid Person’s Day

You could change someone’s whole day.

If you're a parent who's hoping to raise the kind of kid who is kind to everyone, you already know that it starts with setting an example by doing that yourself. That first time you catch your kid doing or saying something kind to a stranger is something you'll remember for the rest of your life. All that hard work was worth it! 

And now, this video going viral on TikTok is proof that being kind and teaching our kids to show kindness in the same way is powerful in a way that we never expected. A nonbinary person shared what happened when a mom and her child saw them in a thrift store, and it's clear that it had a positive impact. 


The person in the video shared that they were wearing a skirt with ladybug sneakers, and that people were giving them "looks" as they went about their day because they were wearing traditionally feminine clothes while also sporting a beard, which led to a lot of negative feelings. 

But once they made it to the thrift store, everything changed. A mom who was also shopping pointed out their ladybug shoes to her child, complimenting them about how cool they are, which led to a full conversation between the OP, this mom, and her child. 

It was such a simple thing, but the OP said it made them "emotional" to be shown that kind of kindness and respect — and that the mom using gender neutral language did make a difference.

Let this be a lesson to us all about how doing the smallest things can really turn someone's day around. It's so important to be kind.