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Sister’s Gender Reveal Gets Totally Botched

Everyone ended up having a good laugh.

In the time since gender reveal parties have become popular, we've seen them go wrong in a myriad of ways. Sometimes, what the future parents thought would be a cute celebration of their baby-to-be turns into be one big mishap... especially when it leads to revealing the wrong gender. Oh, no!

In most cases, the expectant parents usually designate a close friend or family member to find out the gender ahead of time and prepare the reveal for them so they can be just as surprised as everyone else at the party. But in the case of one woman who tried to make the day special for her sister, it all went totally wrong. What was pink should have been blue! 


When the mom-to-be, who was celebrating with her siblings, let the smoke cannons go, she looked absolutely thrilled to find out that she was having a girl, except there was only one problem: She wasn't! The look on the the face of the sister who planned it all pretty much says it all, and in the video, the mom-to-be explained that "the company sent the wrong color" smoke. Oh, no!

The sister who was in charge of the reveal did not look happy, but fortunately, it sounds like Mama took the whole thing in stride.

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"We would’ve been happy either way but everyone felt like I was having a boy so we were a little shocked but celebrated big when she said it’s a boy," the mom explained in the comments.

It's good to know that this didn't end in disaster — we just hope her sister forgives herself! It doesn't seem like the mix up was her fault at all... and soon, they'll get to have the joy of welcoming a baby boy to the fam.

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