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Musical "Gender" Reveal Turns Into Something Else

A surprise within a surprise.

There are so many different ways to have a gender reveal. It can be a small, quiet affair, or it can be a big giant loud party where everybody screams and hoots and hollers. This gender affair is of the latter variety: A full-on production with music and balloons and a little play of sorts involving Siri. Kind of like one of those weddings where there's a DJ and tons of people and everybody sings and dances along to "Shout." 

But all those bells and whistles weren't even the biggest part of the gender reveal in this video from @mrsemilykorte. The biggest reveal was something nobody was even expecting. 

Twins! Gotta admit, it was pretty cool when those balloons came shooting out and the guy took the mic and was like "Two! We're having two!" It gives one the same sort of feeling as winning a big sports game or the lotto or something like that. As it turns out, the dad is indeed a DJ and radio personality, which makes so much sense.

Commenters loved the vibe and the big reveal, but they did think it was just a tiny bit on the long side. "I started the video, half way through went to make coffee, mow the lawn, showered, gave birth to my own twins and it’s still not revealed," wrote one. The other complaint? We still don't know the gender of the babies! So it wasn't actually a gender reveal at all, but it's not clear whether or not their genders will be revealed. If they are, it's sure to involve lots of music.