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This Gender Reveal Went Terribly Wrong for 3 Future Big Sisters

That didn't go as planned.

Even though it seems like gender reveals have just as much a chance of going horribly wrong or delightfully right, people keep on trying to pull them off. At this point, considering how many people have gotten injured during more ambitious gender reveals, you have to be thankful if nothing too awful happens. But in an ideal world, you'd probably like your gender reveal to go the way you planned. 

Take this video from @littlemeandfree. The parents wanted to surprise their three little girls with the very big news that at last, a little brother was on the way. Alas, things seemed doomed from the start.


Oh, man. What a disaster. One sister seemed to be crying the whole time, before she even knew what kind of sibling she was getting. But the littlest sister was definitely big time disappointed. Probably, as the little sister, she'd been looking forward to there being a sister smaller than her. Don't worry little one, little brothers are lots of fun too!

Commenters were totally sympathetic...
"The dad was the only one happy"
"This is the most relatable video I’ve ever seen on this app"
"Aren’t kids flamin terrific i feel this."
"Dad is like ‘thank gosh’"
"I swear this is real life lol congratulations"
"he is going to get bossed all the way around"

That last commenter probably has a point; having three big sisters is going to mean a lot of being told what to do. But it's going to mean a lot of love, too...eventually!