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5-Year-old Boy Has Brilliant Answer When Mom Asks If He’s Wearing ‘Girl’s Shoes’


As outdated gender stereotypes would have us believe, pink is for girls and blue is for boys — but in reality, there are obviously no hard and fast rules about who can wear what, despite what society might have us believing. And even though it can be hard to go against the norm, being yourself and being true to what (and who) you love is what matters most in the end... and sometimes, that can include things like introducing our daughters to how cool trucks are and letting our sons wear clothes they found on the other side of the store.

There might always be some stigma around gender stereotypes, but fortunately, there's one little boy out there who's ready to turn these stereotypes on their heads.


In the video, we can see a boy named Z sitting at a table, wearing pink sneakers and a pink hoodie. His mom says, "hey Z, aren't those girl clothes and shoes?" Z says no, and when his mom asks him how he knows, he had the perfect response prepared. You have to see it to find out exactly how wise beyond his years this little guy is! 

Just as amazing? How quickly he changes the subject as he starts talking about his drink without missing a beat.

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If only everyone viewed this topic like Z does, the world might be a better place. 

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