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Mom Who Lost Husband Says the Whole Family Gets Emotional When Watching Son Dance

Some genes are just too powerful.

Raising children is hard enough, but raising children while going through a huge loss is something else entirely. It's unthinkable that someone's partner could die when they're right in the thick of parenting together, but it does happen. It's a horrifying reality that no one should have to face, especially while helping a child who's grieving the loss of a parent at the same time.

But many times, those children end up being the best reminders of their late parent, whether they realize it or not. And in a tearjerking TikTok video that one mom shared, her son's dancing reminds the entire family of his dad every single time.


Sharing a photo of her young son dancing while playing in the pool with other kids, his mom wrote, "'Mommy, why does everybody love it when I dance?'" Then, she shared a video of his dad, who has passed away, busting the same silly dance moves that his son was doing. 

It's wild to see how genetics work... and how this silly thing is something that has become so special to their family.

"He may be gone but he left me with the next best thing," Mom wrote in her caption.

In another comment, she added that his dad died when she was pregnant with her son, so the two never got to meet, making the fact that they dance the same funny way all the more special.

We can't imagine what this mom has been through, but we love that she has such a sweet reminder of the man she lost in her son. She must be so proud of him!