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Mom Makes Dollar Tree Cleaning Basket For Helpful Toddler

It cost a grand total of $7

There's a very, very brief time in a child's life when they're actually interested in helping to clean the house. It's a golden window of opportunity, and you don't want to miss out on making the most of this very special could very well set the stage for how messes are cleaned up in your house for the rest of time. 

That's why the Dollar Tree cleaning basket @justine__bell created for her 1-year-old is so genius. First of all, the whole thing only took $7 to put together! Second of all, it's really cute...


How adorable and enticing to a toddler! This could really instill some good lifestyle habits in this child, and the kid won't even realize what's happening. They'll just be learning how to live properly and picking up skills that will literally help them for the rest of their lives. But they'll just think they're copying mom. 

Commenters were totally inspired...
"my 15 month old loves to clean with me! making this!"
"I’m making one of these for my 2 year old for Christmas!!"
"Oooo definitely saving this for my cleaning obsessed girls"
"SO CUTE!! Teaching them these important life skills are so valuable and fun!!"
"I need to get one for my toddler she’s always trying to clean when she sees me cleaning lol"
"My nephew would love this!! He’s always asking if he can help clean."

Sounds like a lot of kids are already primed and ready for this toy! As soon as they start trying to get into your cleaning supplies, it's time to get them their own.