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Mom Perfectly Shuts Down Grandmom Who Thinks She Might Be ‘Spoiling’ Her Kids With Affection

She handled that so well.

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Parenting methods are constantly changing and evolving, which is why a lot of current parents will find themselves arguing with their children's grandparents over the way they choose to raise their own kids. It makes sense — what we know about child rearing is always being changed and updated, after all. 

Right now, the philosophy of gentle parenting is very popular, with moms and dads placing a focus on positivity and fostering a close relationship with children — something that can be very different from the way the previous generation did things when it was their turn. And while this can certainly cause people to butt heads, there's one mom on TikTok who had the perfect argument lined up when her mom disagreed with the way she parents her son.


In the video, a mom and grandmom are having a conversation about the kids in Spanish. According to the caption, the grandmom says, "Aren't you going to spoil your children with so much cuddling, story time at bedtime?" 

But instead of arguing, the mom reminds her of something she did for her when her kids were little. "Mom, but I remember you used to tickle me until I fell asleep when I was kid, and that's the memory I remember the most with love," she says. 

The rest of her explanation is pretty great, too — she says that she wants to teach her children to be kind to themselves so they'll do so when they're grown up, too. 

This mom is on the right track. Not everyone will parent the same way, but she's found something that works and she's not willing to back down.