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Woman Demonstrates What It Looks Like to Someone Watching “Gentle Parenting” For the First Time

Everyone learned something that day.

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It seems like parenting styles are constantly changing, and with social media apps like TikTok, that fact is more obvious than ever. Lately, gentle parenting has been very popular, and while the way people interpret this can vary widely, mostly, it's about encouraging parents to focus on empathy when communicating with (and even disciplining) their children. It sounds simple, but seeing it in action can be a bit jarring for people who were raised differently! 

After all, this idea is still relatively new... and it can even seem a bit foreign to people who aren't familiar with it. Case in point: This TikTok video, where a woman shows how some people react to see gentle parenting at work. 

In the video, the woman is pretending to be having a conversation with a mom offscreen when they get interrupted by her child. The "mom" calmly tells her child that she's having a conversation and that they don't want to be rude. When the "child" persists, the mom asks them to take a deep breath. 

"I'm sorry I made you feel as if you weren't seen or heard. Your voice is just as important as any other in this household. But it was Tee's time to speak, and her voice is important as well," the mom voice offscreen explains. 

Meanwhile, the woman witnessing this go down is just in utter shock, and even asks her why she didn't slap her kid for interrupting, to which the "mom" replies that feeling frustrated and unheard isn't a crime. For those who grew up where spanking was the norm, we could see why this would be totally wild to watch! 

Parents will disagree about what the "right" way to parent is until the end of time, but seeing an example of a time where gentle parenting can be healing to even the adults in the room — even if it's a made up scenario — shows why so many people love it.