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Mom Does Cutest “Ghost” Hairstyle and Her Daughter Clearly Loves It

TBH we may steal this for Halloween

Hands down, one of the best fun things about the holidays are all the fun holiday-themed hairstyles you get to give your kids (and yourself, why not?). And with Halloween coming up, that means tons of inspiration. You can go simple, with a Halloween barrette or a few streaks of color, or you can do something really creative like in this video from @emilyfauver

The best part is that even though this ghost buns hairdo looks really fancy, it's super easy to pull off. For real. Some of these hair tutorials say they're easy and then, 27 steps later all you have is a tangled mess. This one, though, is really simple and cute. And Halloween-y!


Her daughter was so thrilled with her new style! She got creepy with it right away. She's so cute looking in the mirror, all pleased with herself. And what a great idea, mom! It's so impressive when moms manage to make everything seasonal and fun like, all the time. 

Commenters were totally impressed (though quite a few of them were concerned with the way she was poking near her eye with that makeup pencil or whatever it was), and had some ideas of their own:
"Ohhh do orange tulle and do lil pumpkins"
"You could do the same thing but with black and pipe cleaners to make a spider next!"
"stop this is the absolute CUTEST thing ever !!"
"Is it bad that I wanna do this to my own hair"
"They are super duper cute love them xxx"

Halloween is so much fun. And this isn't even a costume, just an everyday look! Which, when you think about it, you could really wear all year round if you're feeling spooky.