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Mom Saves Boat Loads of Money By Wrapping Pieces of a Big Gift Individually

Pure genius.

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When it comes to the holidays, any hack that will save you a few bucks is worth considering. There's so much money to be spent this time of year, you've got to save where you can. Especially when it comes to gift-giving and little kids, finding a way to cut back on spending is key.

That's what makes this video from @sophiastamas so genius. She bought a Christmas present made up of multiple little pieces. So instead of wrapping up the whole thing in one big box, she wrapped up every single piece of the toy separately, turning one gift into many. 

And her daughter couldn't have been happier! It's just unbelievable. She's opening up the one gift, piece-by-piece, and couldn't be happier. "She was so excited about every single one of them," the mom wrote. What a genius concept! And not only is she making it seem like one gift is actually lots of gifts, she's actually turning it into a kind of game: By the time all of the pieces are unwrapped, she'll see how they all go together. 

Commenters thought this was the best idea ever, and some had great ideas of their own to share, like taking old toys that have been out of rotation and wrapping those up. There are definitely ways to stay on your budget when you're holiday gifting, even for your kids. 

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