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Pregnant Mom Struggles Doing Daughter’s Hair, So Dad Spends All His Free Time Learning How to Braid

He's a keeper.

Pregnancy can be a really difficult experience to go through the first time around, but when you're adding to your family and have to go through pregnancy and raise a child at the same time, it's a whole other level of hard. You can't rest as much as you want to, because a little one is depending on you. But fortunately, that's where our partners come in to help pick up the slack. 

This dad on TikTok really stepped up to the plate when his pregnant wife needed his help with their daughter. By the time she hit her eighth month of pregnancy, she realized she couldn't do her daughter's hair anymore, and Dad didn't hesitate when duty called.


Like many dads out there, before having a daughter, this one didn't know the first thing about doing hair... but for his little girl, he learned. In the video, we can see him taking lessons on how to braid in a salon, and he even sent his wife text messages to share his progress. The fact that he wants to practice to make it look "crisp" is too cute!

Dad didn't stop there, though. He ordered a mannequin head from Amazon to practice on, and even practiced on his wife while they watched TV together. Eventually, all his hard work paid off — he ended up becoming a total pro.

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"Our daughter will cherish memories of her daddy doing her hair... and so will I," Mom wrote.

Not only did this end up being great quality time for him and his daughter, but it also gave him a chance to shine when his wife needed him most. Way to go, Dad!

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