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Dad Proves Why He Was Meant to Be a Father of Girls

His patience is beautiful

Some dads like shopping, but lots of dads don't. When you take a dad who hates shopping to a department store, he'll likely disappear into the tech section or the sporting goods aisle when you're trying to get his opinion on throw pillows. But when you take a shopping dad to the store, he's actually in on the fun. And dads like that are born to be girl dads, like the one in this video from @therachelgreen.

As she writes of her partner, "Eugene was made to be a girl dad, patiently walking around the mall with us, picked out earrings for his daughters, and then took us to walk around Target after. They don't get much better than him."


Awww, how cute! He generally seems to look happy and in his element. It's so great for his daughters to have a man on their side who'll support them in their traditionally "girly" pursuits. It's super cool for a girl to be able to talk to her dad about her clothes and her earrings and stuff like that. It might seem frivolous, but to a lot of kids (adults, too), it's really meaningful.

Commenters were so impressed with this dad...
"Some are just meant to be girl dad’s"
"A wholesome dad he seem so nice"
"the GLASSES. living with my dad he would always zip up my dress for me but he had to put the cheaters on to see the zipper"
"if y’all don’t treasure him to the end of time i would do anything to have a eugene for a dad"
"every girl deserves a Eugene"
"My dad used to let me paint his nails when I was little"
"please give him the biggest hug for me. I miss my dad so much, wish he could have met my baby."
"I wanted this dad so much."
"my dad was great and always told me I took beautiful and what not but if he was buying it I hated even asking lol."
"Girl dads are some of the best out there"

Hooray for girl dads! They're doing such an important job.