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Mom Has Unconventional Advice for Daughter Being Bullied By a Boy That Has Women Cheering

We do not let boys treat us badly!

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Getting bullied and picked on in school is, unfortunately, something that too many kids are familiar with. And if it happened to you as a kid, there's a very good chance you remember exactly what it felt like — and how the adults in your life advised you to handle it. Growing up in the '90s and 2000s meant being told to "kill them with kindness," ignore the bullying until it goes away, or that the person bullying you was just jealous or, even worse, was teasing you because they had a crush on you.

Fortunately, the way parents handle these situations is changing, and this mom is doing her part to help shift the way we talk to our kids about bullies. In a video she shared on TikTok, she explained how she responded to her daughter who was being bullied, and we definitely learned a thing or two here.

Her daughter was crying before school, saying that a little boy was bullying her but she was going to try to treat him the way she'd want to be treated since that's what her teacher told her to do. But Mom put a stop to that immediately, telling her to deliver a rather unconventional (and spicy) line: "If you keep treating me like this, my mom's gonna beat the sh-t out of your mom." 

We just have to laugh, because it's exactly what we wish we could tell our kids to do when an issue like this comes up... and a lot of fellow parents took to the comments to cheer her on for this.

"So tired of girls being expected to be the bigger people. I was forced to 'hug it out' with my bully when I was 7 in front of the class," one commenter wrote.

But did it work? In a follow up video, the Mom said that her daughter was punished at school for using that line on her bully, and when she got the call from the principal, she told her that she'll be keeping her daughter home instead of missing recess again, sharing how proud of her she is.

Like we said, it's unconventional... but good for this little girl for standing up for herself. Girls are told to put up with way too much from their bullies to begin with! 

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