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Aunt Captures the Second Her Niece Realizing Her Dad Is Finally Free After 10-Year Prison Sentence

She’s so happy!

Growing up without both parents can be difficult, but it's something that many kids have to face. Sometimes, it's because there was a death in the family or that one parent wasn't equipped to be there for their child. But what many of us forget is that so many people in the prison system have children out there whose lives they're missing out on, too. 

But fortunately, most prison sentences do end, and as we see in this video on TikTok, that means that an emotional reunion between a parent and their child can finally happen. And for this little girl in a video taken by her aunt, she realized that she got to see her dad for the first time in a decade.  


When the video stars, the niece — who appears to be a teenager — doesn't know why her aunt is filming her. But that all changes when she realizes her dad is walking toward her, finally free from a 10 year prison sentence. Hearing the excitement in her voice and the way she jumped into his arms, we know this was a day she'd been waiting for for a long time! 

There were tears from them and the hug seemed to go on forever. It looks like the happiness here is definitely mutual. And if you're crying, don't worry — a lot of people are, judging by the comments on the video.

"Yep! This did it! I’m crying! The sheer love you can hear in her voice was AWESOME!" one person wrote. 

Here's hoping that this dad and his daughter are busy somewhere making up for lost time. They must be so happy to be together again!