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Girl’s Reaction to Parent's Gender Reveal Is Hysterical

“Relieved” doesn’t begin to cover it.

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Gender reveals are great, because you get to see everybody important in your life reacting to your exciting news at once. Plus, their reactions tend to be bigger and more colorful than they would be if you told them you were having a boy/girl during the course of a casual conversation (or worse, in a text). It's also important to remember that everybody comes into a gender reveal with their own secret hopes, and their personal reaction is sure to influence their reaction. Take the big sister-to-be in this video from @ideal.gender.reveal. She couldn't be happier about getting a younger brother...and the reason why is hilarious.


Woohoo! There’s nothing like feeling safe in the knowledge that you’re never going to have to share your room. Even better is that her older brother is going to be the one to “suffer,” as she puts it, running around gleefully. 

But really, isn't she the one missing out? Sharing a room with a sibling has its downsides, but think of all the brotherly bonding opportunities she'll be missing out on. Like...late-night bottles, colic, teething. Don't worry bro, things will get better after the baby phase.